Our Sponsors

Special thanks to the following current and past Sponsors who have helped make Charlotte WestieFest a success!

Bill Waltz & Anne Brade • Adela Su & Eddie Karoliussen • Steve & Teresa Sagraves • Sharole Lashe Negrete

Debbie Maheras • Jeff Steffianina & Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina • Debi & Buz McCreary • Susan & Rick DeFelice

 Fresh Fruit 2 Go • Dori Eden • David & Jiffy Sarver • Patrick Moise • Scott Dauss

Al Lundgren • Davis Canady Jr. & Emily Smith (Dancing Davis Studios)

Others who wish to remain anonymous

If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor for 2024 – please contact Rick Dauss via Facebook or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

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