North Carolina's Dance Party

Our focus is Learning and Social Dancing for all levels!

WSDC Points

We are a WSDC registry event!

We offer Jack & Jill Competitions in the following Divisions:

  • Newcomer
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • All-Star
  • Masters

All Jack & Jill Competitions (Prelims and Finals) are conducted on Saturday – NO Comps on Sunday!!!!!

Strictly Swing ******* New This Year!!! *******

For the first time, we will be adding Strictly Swing Competitions on Friday Evening in the following Divisions:

  • Newcomer
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • All-Star
  • Masters
Swing 16 - We are again a Qualifying Event for Season 3!!!!

Join in the excitement of this unique “Tournament Style” competition!! See the Swing 16 Website for complete details.

Lots of Social Dancing

What makes CWF so amazing? Our emphasis on social dancing, learning, and the ability to explore other dance styles in addition to West Coast Swing. At our core, we value the inclusion of all levels, both within west coast swing, as well across complimentary dance styles.

To this end, we are pleased that the following Dance Communities in the Charlotte area will be putting on dances in our secondary rooms throughout the event weekend:

On Friday Night –

  • Charlotte Latin Dance will be hosting both a room featuring various forms of Latin-style dances as well as a room focused on Kizomba/Zouk.
  • And, for the first time this year, Gotta Swing Charlotte will be hosting a Lindy Room!

On Saturday Night –

  • Carolina Ballroom Dance Club will again be moving their monthly dance to our secondary room
  • Queen City Blues will once again host a Blues Room Dance in our 3rd room, and ……..
  • We will be offering a “Carolina Mix Room” featuring Shag, Hustle, Two-Step, Night Club 2, and other complementary dance styles along with WCS in our 4th room (overlooking the lake behind the hotel)!

What are you waiting for?

Learn West Coast Swing, Shag, Country Two-Step, Nightclub 2 Step, & Hustle ...... along with a little bit of Latin, Ballroom, Blues and Lindy!!!

With our amazing staff we are able to offer workshops not only for West Coast Swing but also provide the opportunity to “dip your toes” into: Shag, Country Two-Step, Nightclub 2 Step, Hustle, Latin, Ballroom, Lindy and Blues!

If you have been looking for a chance to check out other dance styles – or, re-visit some dance styles other than WCS ……. CharlotteWestieFest is the place for you to do so!



Sq Ft of Ballroom

Professional Staff

Instructional, Competition, Emcee & Judging Staff

Meet our amazing staff

We are working to finalize our 2019 Staff – but, we can confirm that the following individuals will be here:

Robert Cordoba     *     Patty Vo     *     PJ Turner

Dawn Garrish    *    Bonnie & Jerome Subey     *     Michael Kiehm

Jason & Annmarie Marker     *     Doug Silton     *     Jason Miklic & Sophy Kdep

Robin Smith * Debbie Ramsey-Boz * Stephanie Risser-Loveira * Jason Barnes

Doug Rousar  *  Bryan Jordan  *  Jeff Mumford  *  Jake Haning

Kay Newhouse  *  Alyssa Gillespie  *  Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina * Erica Smith

Matt Smith  *  Demery & Derek Leyva  *  Alan Annicella  *  Ryan Boz

Abi & Stephane Schneider  *  Stacy Zellner  *  Pam & Brian Bennett

Raquel W. Nielsen  *  Whitney Bartlett  *  Carrie Smith  *  Elise Herman

Sharole Lashe Negrete *  Nikki Kontoulas & Scott Campbell (Shag)

and …. More Yet to Come!!!!!!!

DJ Staff

Meet our amazing DJ staff

We are working to finalize our DJ Staff, but we are pleased to confirm the following individuals will be in the booth:

Victor Loveira (Head DJ)

Anthony Derosa (Greensboro via NYC)   *   Pete Zellner (Atlanta)

Jasson Phillips (Raleigh-Durham)  *  Matt Johnson (Charlotte)

And …. we are working to bring in some familiar names from outside the region this year!!!

Complementary Dances in our Secondary Rooms on Friday and Saturday Nights

Complementary Dance Style Instructors

We are working with the coordinators of the various secondary room dances to confirm the instructors that will be teaching the workshops in:

Latin  *  Lindy  *  Ballroom  *  Blues

Stay tuned for details!

2019 Schedule (Coming Soon)

We are working on getting the 2019 schedule ready ASAP – for reference, the schedule will be very similar to the 2018 schedule, with the primary change being the addition of Strictly Swing competitions on Friday Evening (replacing the Swing 16 Last Chance Qualifier contest from last year).

All Jack & Jill Competitions – as well as the Swing 16 Prelims and Finals – are conducted on Saturday.  The Prelims are done in the early afternoon, with the Finals scheduled for Saturday evening … with all competitions completed prior to 11:00 pm so that we can get Social Dancing started at a reasonable time!

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Charlotte Westie Fest is a WSDC Registry Event and an event on the Swing 16 Season 3 Tour.


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