North Carolina's Dance Party

Our focus is Learning and Social Dancing for all levels!

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We are a WSDC registry event! At this time we are offering a full slate of Jack & Jill Competitions.


Shag Mixed Doubles

Lots of Social Dancing

What makes CWF so amazing? Our emphasis on social dancing, learning, and the ability to explore other dance styles in addition to West Coast Swing. At our core, we value the inclusion of all levels, both within west coast swing, as well across complimentary dance styles. What are you waiting for?

Learn West Coast Swing, Shag, Country 2 Step, Nightclub 2 Step, & Hustle

With our amazing staff we are able to offer workshops not only for West Coast Swing but also the opportunity to showcase Shag, Country 2 Step, Nightclub 2 Step, & Hustle.



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Instructional Staff

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Specialty Shag Track


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2018 Schedule

Subject to Change
Updated 12/19/17 

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Charlotte Westie Fest is a WSDC Registry Event and Host of the 2018 Swing 16 Finals.
Additionally we will have a Last Chance Qualifier Friday – Open to Everyone regardless of level!


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