Focus on Dancing!

What makes CWF so amazing? Our emphasis on social dancing, learning, and options to explore other dance styles in addition to West Coast Swing.

At our core, we value the inclusion of all levels, both within West Coast Swing, as well across complementary dance styles.

In addition to our “Main Room” which will remain primarily focused on West Coast Swing, we concurrently run complementary dancing in our other dance spaces at night. Look for a “Fusion Room” on both Friday and Saturday nights in our Lakeview  Ballroom, as well as a “Latin Room” on Friday night in the Glenwaters Ballroom!

Please Note: Some Information on this page may reflect 2023 Event details. It is for general reference only.
2024-specific information, where missing, will be updated as soon as possible.

Event Details

On Friday and Saturday Nights our California Mix Room (Lakeshore) becomes a multi-purpose room! Here you can:

  • Social dance to all the styles of dance that we will be teaching over the weekend: WCS, Shag, Hustle, Country-Western Two-Step (CW2) and Night Club Two-step (NC2)
  • Warm up prior to competing

And, don’t forget …… we also have social dances on both Thursday night (starting with a pre-dance lesson at 8 pm and then dancing until the sun comes up) as well as Sunday night into early Monday morning.

Complementary Dance Nights:
We are excited to once again include complementary dance room activities in our 3rd and 4th ballrooms on both Friday and Saturday nights!

Greenville Blues & Fusion hosts a Fusion Room on both Friday and Saturday in the Lakeview Ballroom! This will include workshops, and social dancing on both Friday and Saturday.  Complete details can be found on their Facebook event page.

On Friday Night in our Glenwaters Ballroom, we will feature a Latin Room hosted by Cadencia NC. Two Latin workshops (“Cha Cha” with Arian and Tola, and “Ladies Latin Styling” with Jennifer Geyer of Rumbao Latin Dance Company), plus an evening of latin music and social dancing! Get the full details on their Facebook event page.

For those attending CWF’24 on full weekend passes, the Fusion Room (with the exception of the 2-hour Intensive) and Latin Room activities are included in your weekend pass.  For those wishing to attend only these rooms, registration options are outlined on the respective Facebook Event pages.

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It’s Confirmed – take The DC-Party Bus to Trilogy swing!

We have once again arranged for a 56-person, Coachways bus with all the amenities.
Travel in style and comfort, and arrive at the event rested and ready to dance all weekend!

Then, sleep on the way back home as you begin your recovery from being SwungOver!


Important Announcement and Update!!!

Due to a change in ownership and management of the Westfield-Montgomery Mall – overnight parking is no longer allowed at this location. As a result, we now have TWO pick-up / return locations for people to park their cars at no cost over the weekend – one on the North side and the other on the South side of the DC-area!

The DC-Party Bus will now originate at the following location:

Maryland Commuter Lot at 580 W D Diamond Ave., Gaithersburg, MD 20877 (This is at the intersection of I-270 and Route 117)

For reference, here is a link to the MD-DOT website for this facility:

We plan to “stage” the bus in an obvious and convenient location, so please keep an eye out for it and/or look for where others are congregating once you arrive. The bus is scheduled to be on-site no later than 9:00 am – so if you are planning to join the group here, please be on-site and ready to board by 9:00 am so we can get on the road in a timely manner to ensure arrival at the 2nd pick-up point as scheduled.

The bus will depart from this location NO LATER THAN 9:15 am on Friday 9/9/22!

The 2nd parking / pick-up / drop-off location will be at:

Virginia / Fairfax County Park & Ride

Springfield Plaza location at: 7099 Bland Street Springfield, VA (This location is just off of I-95 near the intersection of Amherst Ave (Route 617) and Old Keene Mill Rd. (Route 644).

Here is a link to the Fairfax County, VA DOT site for this facility:

The Commuter Parking spaces are outlined in “Blue Striping” and are located near the Wells Fargo and Panda Express area of the Plaza. As such, we plan to “stage” the bus in an obvious and convenient location as close as feasible to this area. If you are planning to connect with the bus at this location, please be on-site and ready to board by 10:00 am.

The bus is scheduled to arrive at this location by 10:00 am and will depart from here NO LATER THAN 10:30 am – this should ensure an arrival at the event by no later than 2:45 pm (roughly the same time as originally planned)!

Due to this 2nd pick-up stop, we will not be making any additional stops during the trip – so, please plan to take advantage of the multiple options for food and other “essentials” at this location before we get on the road to the event.

The return trip will depart from the hotel immediately following the presentation of Awards on Sunday (approximately 5:15 pm). This should result in an arrival back at the Springfield Plaza location between 9:30-9:45 pm and then back at the Gaithersburg Commuter Lot location between 10:30 and 11:00 pm.

For those riding the bus, we will contact you via email prior to the Friday morning departure with a reminder containing specific details and instructions.

We apologize for any inconvenience that these changes may cause, but we feel that now having two options to choose from in connecting with the bus is in most ways a positive outcome.

Please contact the Event Directors with any questions.

Pricing and registration is available on the Registration Link.

For those who have ridden the DC-Party bus in prior years, you know what to expect!!! (And, just a reminder, since alcohol consumption is allowed, you must be 21 or older to ride the bus).

For those looking to take advantage of this fun-filled opportunity, we are excited to announce that once again Richard & Susan DeFelice have offered to coordinate and act as our Host & Hostess on the bus!

Along with food, drinks, games, and other entertainment, once again this year we are pleased to announce that staff members Kay Newhouse, Erica Smith, Greg Scott, Lemery Rollins, Markus Smith, Tren Veal, Lara Deni and Steve Wilder will be part of the group that will be riding the bus to and from the event!

Join many of your friends, members of the JT Swing Teams, and others for what is sure to be a rollicking good time on the way to the event, and a relaxing ride back home!

Pricing and registration is available on the Registration Link.


If you don’t see your question / answer,  contact us.

You can register online for the event from our Registration page.

Our 2024 event will be held at Hilton Charlotte University Place
8629 JM Keynes Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262
(704) 547-7444

On Thursday night, we have a “kick-off” workshop and dance.

Yes, in order to compete you need a full weekend pass.
If you’re competing in Novice Jack and Jill or above, you need your WSDC number, which can be found here.
For WSDC competitions, we follow their rules. For other rules specific to our event, see our Competition rules.

Yes, you can buy a table. Reach out via the Contact form with your request. Please check the subject box : “Buy a Table”.

We offer a Student pass (which includes Juniors) on the Registration Site. Criteria for registering for this pass option is provided on the Registration site. If you have questions, please contact us.

Mark Your Calendar!