Meet the Team

At Charlotte WestieFest, our goal is to create a swing experience to remember!

Each year, we feature our “Carolina-based” Team members, our “Regional” Team members, and feature  a select group of fan-favorite guest staff members from across the US!

Our Deejays play the very best competition, bumper and social dancing music — all weekend long.

And the Emcees entertain and keep attendees informed throughout the entire event.

Presenting…. our 2024 CWF lineup!

Please Note: Some Information on this page may reflect 2023 Event details. It is for general reference only.
2024-specific information, where missing, will be updated as soon as possible.

Professional Staff

2024 Instructors & Judges


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We are excited to be bringing in some familiar names from both near and far again this year! This Team allows us to ensure you will have great music to dance to for the Competitions …. and more importantly  – for Social Dancing in both the Primary and Secondary Rooms all weekend long!


Competition, Scoring & Contest Management

Doug Rousar (Chief Judge) * Demery Leyva * Alex Brand (Scorer)

Susan Brown * Vivian Glucksman-Weiss * Dani Mullin Darasz

Event Management Team

Event Directors

Rick Dauss (Executive Event Director)
Cindy Dauss (Co-Event Director & “Rick’s Boss”)
Charlotte WestieFest is a production of Carolina Westie Productions (CWP), LLC

Registration, Front Desk & Attendee Support

Tammy Davis  *  Allison Bennett 

Event Promotion

Carl Lind  *  Dan Sweet  *  Jeannette Senn  *  Ivana Woodcock  *  Kathy Kroll Romana

Operations Support

Dance Jam Productions…and many others!