Meet the Team

At Charlotte WestieFest, our goal is to create a swing experience to remember!

Each year, we feature our “Carolina-based” Team members, our “Regional” Team members, and feature  a select group of fan-favorite guest staff members from across the US!

Our Deejays play the very best competition, bumper and social dancing music — all weekend long.

And the Emcees entertain and keep attendees informed throughout the entire event.

Presenting…. our 2024 CWF lineup!

Professional Staff

Instructional, Competition, Emcee & Judging Staff

We are actively working on finalizing our Staff
But, as of now …. Here is our Staff for CWF’24!

We will continue to update this Section as we confirm our CWF’24 Staff
We hope to welcome many of those who were here in 2023,
as well as others — both familiar and new — to CWF!

Our “Carolina-based” Team

Patty Vo * Michael Kiehm * Debbie Ramsey-Boz * Robin Smith * Jason Barnes
Malia Jameson * Jason & Annmarie Marker * Stephanie Risser * Ryan Boz * Nicole Zwerlein
Sharole Lashe-Negrete * Debbie Tuttle-Steffanina * Nikki Kontoulas & Scott Campbell (Shag)

For this year, we are pleased to welcome to this Team…
Skylar Pritchard * Jenna Shimek * Ryan Pflumm & Alaina Rogozhin * Natasha Smith

Our “Regional Core” Team

Robert Cordoba * Hailey Toro * Jerome Subey * PJ Turner * Bonnie Cannon * Gary Jobst
Erica Smith * Jeff Mumford * Alyssa Lundgren * Lara Deni * Bryan Jordan * Kay Newhouse
Alan Annicella * Sheven Kekoolani * Jennifer Norris & Derek Leyva * Steve Wilder * Reginald Beason

And, joining us this year are some of our Trilogy Swing Staff including …

Robert Royston * Laurie Schwimmer * Matt Auclair * Yvonne Antonacci * Dani Canziani

As well as others – including …

Jennifer DeLuca * Jake Haning * Mia Pastor * Austin Kois * Stanislav Ivanov 

More TBA

Joining us and teaching a workshop will be the the Winners of the 2023 Rising Star Tour:

Abi Schneider & Geoff Newell


We are excited to be bringing in some familiar names from both near and far again this year! This Team allows us to ensure you will have great music to dance to for the Competitions …. and more importantly  – for Social Dancing in both the Primary and Secondary Rooms all weekend long!

Ruby Lair * Katie Fallon * Josh Angel * Beth Bellamy * Joe Mahoney * Kristen Shaw

Jasson Phillips * Margie Tuttle * Virgil Breeden * Jalene Haramia * Ron Glickman * Brad Blashko

Stay tuned! 

We hope to invite a few more talented individuals that may be coming to CWF’24 to join us in the DJ booth!

Event Management Team

Competition, Scoring & Contest Management Team

Doug Rousar  * Demery Leyva * Alex Brand

Vivian Glucksman-Weiss * Susan Brown * Dani Mullin Darasz

Registration, Front Desk & Attendee Support

Tammy Davis  *  Britni Weaver * Jason Donahoo * Allison Bennett

Media Team

Ivana Woodcock * Carl Lind  *  Dan Sweet  *  Jeannette Senn  *  Kathy Kroll Romana

Event Directors

Rick Dauss (Executive Event Director)
Cindy Dauss (Co-Event Director & “Rick’s Boss”)
Charlotte WestieFest is a production of Carolina Westie Productions (CWP), LLC

Operations Support

Supported by the Dance Jam Productions team…and many others!

And more...!

We are continuing to work on bringing in some additional Staff…
Including some familiar names from previous years
As well as some familiar faces who would be new to our CWF Team!
Stay Tuned for Updates!!!!!!